Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trippy Thoughts

OK, so it's been 2 months since we have been home, and I thought I really better write down all the things that I remember from our trip, or they will be gone from this cluttered brain forever! So, here we go with Day 1......Thurs. April 9th, 2009, we left home for LAX. Mom and Dad took us to the airport and we said our goodbyes. (my mom was looking at me like this was going to be the last time she ever saw us! LOL!) We checked in, no problem, and went to wait at the gate. We were taking a short flight to San Francisco, and flying to Dubai from there. My stomach was in knots sitting there waiting, and then to make it worse, they kept delaying our flight. One hour, two hours...I was turning into a bundle of nerves because if we missed our flight in San Fran, we would have to wait 2 days to catch the next flight to Dubai! I starting texting all of my prayer warriors and asked for everyone to be praying that we would make it. I was so annoyed because they were delaying because of fog in San Fran. Are you kidding me???? When is there NOT fog is San Fran??? Anyway, we finally got on and took off. Whew!!!! But it was going to be close. We landed and literally jogged to the check in desk at Emirates, but no one was there! UGH!!! We started walking around looking for someone to help us, and the most helpful man appeared (I swear he was an angel!) and told us he would take care of everything and told us to go get something to eat and relax, he would not let the plane leave without us! What a godsend!! So, we did what he told us to do, then got to the counter to find out that they had given our seats away! BUT, this was a GOOD THING!!!! In fact a GREAT THING, because they bumped us to business class! The three of us were doing the happy dance all of the way down the jetway to get on the plane! All I can say is that Emirates business class ROCKS BIG TIME!!!! I think the funniest part was the way we reacted...think the Beverly Hillbillies in First Class! LOL!!! We were just amazed and mesmerized by everything, from the champagne and OJ and sushi appetizer to the flat screen tvs and fully reclinable seats with massagers in them! Bruce got more and more excited with each meal and snack that came! He was in food heaven!!! OK, I hate to fly, and this flight was so nice I really could have gone more that 16 hrs, it was that enjoyable! The best part about it was I really felt like God was saying to me "Relax, I got this! This trip is ordained by Me, and I will see you through." From that point on, the knots in my stomach were gone, and I had a peace that we were going to not only get through the trip, but it was going to be the trip of a lifetime!

Are we gonna make the flight????

There is the plane.

What is better than this?

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